How to Clean Your Aircon Filters in 5 Easy Steps

Maintaining an efficient and comfortable interior climate depends on keeping your air conditioner in good working order. Cleaning the air filters is one of the easiest but most efficient maintenance procedures. Dirty filters can limit airflow, lower efficiency, and increase energy costs. This post will walk you through five simple procedures for cleaning the air conditioning filters in your unit, which will help it function properly.

Step 1: Cut off the Electricity

When doing any kind of maintenance on your air conditioning machine, safety should come first. Make sure the air conditioner is off before starting to clean the filters. This may be accomplished by disconnecting the unit from the electrical outlet after turning it off with the remote control or thermostat. When handling the equipment, make sure there is no chance of electric shock by turning off the power.

Step 2: Take the Filters Out

Find the air filters when the power has been turned off. They are usually located on the interior unit of your air conditioning system, behind a front panel or grille. In order to access the filters, carefully open or unclip the panel. Be careful not to harm the filters as you carefully remove them from their slots. See the user manual for further instructions if you’re not sure where the filters are exactly located or how to remove them.

Step 3: Vacuum the Filters

The first step in cleaning the filters is using a hoover to remove loose dust and debris. After attaching the filter to the vacuum, gently rub the brush nozzle over the filter’s two sides. This will assist in clearing the dust from the surface and improve the efficacy of the following procedure. If the filters are not too dirty, vacuuming can be used more regularly in between major cleanings as a quick approach to cleaning them.

Step 4: Proceed to Clean the Filters

Filters must be washed with water for a complete cleaning. Add a few drops of gentle detergent to lukewarm water in a washbasin or basin. To remove any last bits of filth and grime, submerge the filters in the soapy water and give them a gentle scrub with a soft brush. Steer clear of aggressive chemicals and excessive cleaning since these might harm the filter material. To get rid of any soap residue, thoroughly rinse the filters in clean water. If you think you need an aircon chemical overhaul to remove any more built-up grime, schedule one when it’s time for a thorough cleaning.

Step 5: Let the Filters Dry and Reinstall Them

It’s crucial to allow the filters to dry fully after washing them before putting them back in the air conditioner. After removing any leftover water, set the filters aside to air dry in a shady location. Extreme heat may warp or damage the filters, so avoid using a hairdryer or drying them in the sun. Once they have dried completely, make sure the filters are correctly placed in their slots when you gently replace them in the unit. Shut the grille or front panel and fasten it firmly.


Cleaning your air conditioner’s filters on a regular basis is an easy but important way to make sure your system runs well and produces clean air. Turning off the power, taking out the filters, vacuuming, cleaning, and drying them are the five simple actions that will help you keep your unit operating at peak efficiency and prolong its life. Professional servicing can treat any further accumulation and maintain your system operating at peak performance for deeper maintenance requirements, such as an air conditioning chemical overhaul. In addition to enhancing the efficiency of your air conditioner, routine filter cleaning also helps maintain a healthier interior atmosphere.


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