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My name is Tiberiu and I am the founder and proprietor of JT4Christ LLC.
A little the background …

JT4Christ is a tiny household owned firm, we love God and rely on the Bible as the inspired Word of God, a treasure as well as a source for the truth to all mankind.

I have actually been functioning separately as a graphic designer for several years, developing stuff like branding bundles, print materials, personalized websites and all web and print layout.

I love what I do and I still help others in the layout field.

Yet … in 2014 around this time of the year, the idea of doing something much more for God involved my mind, not since He requires anything from me, yet as an individual wish to proclaim Him via what I know. Creating for clothing as well as accessories got my interest due to the appeal these items appreciate. They are best for any kind of event, outstanding present ideas, for daily use and also every niche you could think about, they all have a tee or a mug that represents them.

Our objective …

The objective of what we do is, and by the grace of God, constantly will certainly be, sharing fortunately of Salvation with Jesus Christ to all individuals, fulfill the Lord’s commandment and assistance others satisfy it. We are sustained by the interest for the truth and also the love for the shed.

Likewise, we want to serve other Christians by creating encouraging and bold statement designs based upon Bible verses and also spiritual quotes, in a clean and professional way, always preserving the Holy bible message in the facility of our job. We are phoned call to not be ashamed of the excellence of the scripture, as well as we want that to be mirrored in the high quality as well as details of our layouts.

Our vision …

I personally still have my primary work as well as devote as much time as I can to this organization, but I hope to have the ability to sustain my household by doing what I such as in the future. I also see this entrepreneurship in the future as a terrific chance to endure other Christ-centered ministries as well as particular ministry demands, excellent reasons that concentrate on scripture preaching and Scriptures mentor.

A word to you …

We are constantly satisfied to speak with you and also opened to any kind of ideas that can aid us expand in what we do. We want to do this as a ministry first, as a means to sustain ourselves and also as a means of helping others.

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