Three Essential Tips to Make Your Extensions Last Longer

Every day brings a new mood with it. Someone dedicated to fashion understands that one look cannot make every day memorable for them. They need a lot of diversity in their day-to-day life. To meet this need of millions of people, hair extensions have become an essential part of life for millions.

Millions of people rely on hair extensions every day to transform their looks. While extensions promise to make you look different and gorgeous, you need to care for them. They will wear out quickly if you do not follow the caring regimes for your hair extensions.

There is nothing worse than charmless and tangled hair extensions. Whether you have been using hair extensions for years or have just joined the league, you must follow a strict routine to make your hair extensions last longer.

Here are a few tips that can help your hair extension last longer than ever before.

1. Brush Your Extensions

Hair specialists emphasize brushing your hair as a part of a hair care regime. Brushing your hair can reduce breakage, make your hair look managed, and improves the overall outlook of your personality. Likewise, brushing can have the same effects when it comes to hair extensions.

Just like you brush your hair, make sure you use gentle hands when you brush hair extensions. Do not focus on getting rid of the knots by tugging or tearing. Instead, gently coax your extensions. Depending on various circumstances, you may need to repeat this process multiple times a day.

Start by placing one hand on the base of your extension and start gently brushing the tips of your extensions. Once you are done with the tips, you can move your way up to the mid-strands and, eventually, the roots.

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2. Avoid Salt and Chlorine

No one wants dry and frizzy hair extensions. They can be hard to manage, look ugly, and affect your overall personality. Whether it’s your natural hair or your hair extensions, count salt and chlorine as your biggest enemy.

As soon as you let your extensions submerge in salt water, they will lose all moisture leading to a reduced lifespan for your hair extensions. Of course, it does not mean you must say goodbye to beach days or swimming.

However, try to protect your hair whenever you plan a pool party or a dip in the ocean. Before you enter the pool or ocean, make sure to wet your hair with tap water. After that, use a suitable leave-in conditioner from mid-length to the tips of your hair.

To prevent tangles, tie or braid your hair tightly before entering a water body. When you get out of the water, wash and condition your hair immediately to prevent further damage.

However, if you get into a pool without knowing it has Salt and Chlorine, you might need to get help from a doctor if you have an injury. Consider getting help from a local doctor to save time and effort. For example, if you live in Wisconsin, you can visit general surgical services hudson wi to get the best care.

3. Keep it Dry

It is not recommended for the human body to be wet for long times. Moisture can lead to a lot of health problems. Similarly, all extension experts recommend the extensions be kept dry too. However, this rule can be difficult to follow if you have an active lifestyle.

One trip to the gym can make your scalp roots damp. Such environments can be ideal places for mold and extreme buildup to live and bloom. Therefore, keeping your hair extensions dry may be one of the major concerns for you.

Ensure you avoid tight hairstyles such as buns and ponytails at the gym. When you sweat, make sure that you dry the top of the wefts at the base of your head. You can use a hair dryer or let loose your ponytail to allow your hair to breathe.

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